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Chevy Volt

If you are a major prize winner (1st - 3rd), you may elect to take a cash award.

Runner Up Prizes & Awards
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2nd Place Overall

Smart Passion

3rd Place Overall


4th Place Overall


5th Place Overall


6th Place Overall

Sound System

7th Place Overall

Runners Watch

8th-10th Place Overall


Top 10 - Plaques



Commemorative Certificates & Awards

Commemorative certificates and prints will be awarded to the top 5% or top 100 (whichever is the smallest number) in sixteen age groups.  All other participants who submit the correct answer to the Banks Manx within the allotted seven day time period will have the opportunity to fill in and download a high resolution Achievement Certificate.

Age Group




Willie Giclée
Limited Edition

Art Print

Churchill Downs

Art Print




Taxes: If you win a prize, the IRS and North Carolina considers the prize value as income to you, which creates a tax liability for the Winner. In order to mitigate this tax liability on prizes of $1,000 or more, each CrosswordGold™ event includes a cash component equal to 34% of the fair market value of the prize. The 34% figure is comprised of 28% Federal Tax and 6% State Tax. These additional funds should eliminate most Winner’s tax liability, but there may be some residual taxes due depending on each Winner’s individual circumstances and the effective tax rate applicable to them.


1st Tier Reserve: 5,250  2nd Tier Reserve: 9,000  Maximum Participants - 35,000

Event tickets or CD's allow the holder to enter a competitive event that will be held by CrosswordGold™.  Participation in that event is the sole responsibility of the ticket/CD holder.  There will be no refunds for ticket/CD purchases.

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