The Single Answer Crossword

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Below is a simple outline of the procedure one follows to enter and complete in a CrosswordGold™ event.  Complete the Competition Sample to practice the procedure.  You compete in a CrosswordGold™ event in the comfort of your home.  The crossword puzzle is completed on your local computer or from a print out.  It's your choice.  Only the answer is submitted via an Internet form.

1 Purchase an entry ticket.
2 Register as a participant.  Instructions can be found here.  If a person receives the ticket as a gift, the ticket has a link to the Ticket Holder page.
3 Watch for announcements.  Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.  Both links are on our Homepage and are listed under Information on the main menu.  We will announce the day, time and venue where the password needed to open your competition crossword lock box will appear.
4 On the day and time specified, retrieve the lock box password and begin the event.
5 After discovering the answer to the event crossword, submit your answer via the Internet.  There is a link on the event Homepage to the answer form.
6 After the event is over, we will announce when the results will be posted.
7 Check the results database for your time and place.  If you won a major prize or an age group award, we will contact you.  Winners will also be posted on this site.

Important Note About The Answer

The puzzle is a freeform crossword.  It's solved in the traditional manner.  I may use a theme throughout.  A single word answer is derived from the letters in the crossword.  That answer may be a real word or just a series of random letters.  If you completed the Competition Sample, you may think there is an obvious flaw in this procedure.  Your question might be, why fill in the letters to all the words if you tell me which letters will be used as the password to open the Answer Sheet.  I have that covered.  You will need to complete the entire crossword in a CrosswordGold™ event.  The answer sheet will have a nuance that levels the field of competitors.  It's not difficult, but effective.  Everyone has an equal opportunity to win the Grand Prize or any other prize/award.  You'll learn about it when you go to open the second of three lock boxes.  Yes, the competition puzzle will have three lock boxes.  The Competition Sample has only two!

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