The Single Answer Crossword

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Competition Sample

Desktop Icon I will now take you through the procedure you will follow to complete and answer any CrosswordGold™ competition crossword.  The first thing I want you to do is install the Flowers Homepage. When you click on the link below, a box will pop up asking you to save the file.  Click Save File.  Another box will pop up allowing you to select a destination.  You can save the file in whatever folder you choose, but I recommend you save the file to your Desktop for easy access.  An icon will be installed on your desktop that looks like the one at the left.  Double click the open box and it will take you through the install sequence.  Upon completion you will now have the Flowers Homepage icon on your Desktop.  You can delete the Flowers Homepage open box.  Double click Flowers Homepage to begin.

Flowers Homepage
(Click To Download The Sample Crossword)


Lock Box IconIf you are not sure how to save the file to your Desktop, here’s the sequence.  This explanation is for PC owners using XP.  Other operating systems are similar.  Desktop may show as your default destination if you have saved links there previously, or it may be at the top of the drop down menu.  If the Save In: box has Desktop, simply click the Save button and you're done.  You will see an icon (top left image) on your desktop.

If Desktop was not your default location, you can change it.  When the folder comes up you will see a drop down, elongated menu box to the right of Save In: at the top of the pop up.  If Desktop is not at the very top of the menu, click the down arrow on the right side of the Save In: box.  It’s just to the left of the circle with the arrow pointing to the left. Select Boot (C:) from the menu.  Now double click Documents and Settings.  Then double click Owner. Now double click Desktop. Then click the Save button in the bottom right corner.  The icon should now be on your Desktop.

Go to your Desktop, or the folder you selected, and double click on the Flowers Homepage icon.  The opening page has instructions.  When you click on a Puzzle Files page link, you will need to save the file to your Desktop (or the folder of your choice), just as you did with the Flowers Homepage.

After saving the files you will notice that you now have Lock Box icons (upper right image).  That's because these files are encrypted.  You need a password to open each lock box.  I give you the password to open the Flowers Crossword lock box.  It's on the Flowers opening page.  You will discover the password to open the Flowers Answer lock box by doing the crossword.  After you unlock the PDF files, you can delete the lock boxes.

Notes:  Passwords used to open lock boxes are all lower case.  Install the latest free Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system.

That's it.  The competition crosswords will follow this same procedure.  The only difference being that we will transmit the password to open the competition puzzle's lock box on a specific day and time through a selected medium.  We will keep all event competitors up to date on the time and methodology.  Complete the sample, and you will be ready to enter any CrosswordGold™ event.  Click here to read an outline of the methodology.

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