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Jason and ZoeThis 1990 photo of Zoe and me was taken in my studio.  Two of my kinetic resin sculptures and the red, three tiered table I designed and built are beside us.  The table still looks fine, and I still have the Dieffenbachia plant that's on the window sill.  The plant has gone through many cuttings and rejuvenations.  I now have two large plants and two smaller ones, all from the original.

CrosswordGold™ events can only be a success with your participation. These days social networking offers great possibilities.  You know how long it can take to build a large following.  On the other hand, you know how quickly the word can spread if enough people begin talking about something they like.  Social networking offers an incredible potential to reach the masses.

I hope you decide to participate in a crossword event.  If you have time, please give some thought about helping us promote CrosswordGold™.  Here are some ideas you might consider.

  • Use your personal networking skills to help us promote CrosswordGold™.  Our Twitter address is  You may want to include our site URL: 
  • Link to us using our link exchange.  Use our link graphic if you like.
  • If you write a blog, please consider doing an article about CrosswordGold™.  If you don't write a blog but know some bloggers, maybe you could ask them if they would be interested in doing an article.
  • If you participate in talk radio, maybe you can bring up CrosswordGold™ and pass along the site URL.  We would welcome any interviews as well.
  • For those of you who use Craig's List or similar sites, you could post an announcement about CrosswordGold™ in the Community section under activities, groups, or events.


That's just a few thoughts I have.  If you have some ideas, please get in touch and share them with me.  I really appreciate your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Jason Savage

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